Website Design with Industry and SEO in Mind

When it comes to Web Development and Design, in today’s online market, a pretty picture alone will not produce the necessary results for a business to strive. Vegga Consulting uses a proven methodology to ensure that every website that we create is visually superior in design, functionality and performance. Simply put, a website that works.

Creating Websites That Work and Convert

Florida Web Design CompanyThere are several crucial elements that makes a business website work to meet your online business goals.

The implementation of excellence in web development and design that meets the expectations of a targeted market with ease of use, navigation and clear cut objectives. Vegga Consulting uses a market researched design phase that implements the techniques to effectively attract potential customers and provide them with information and confidence to take actions that lead to sales.

Market Focused Websites to Meet Your Business Objectives

Your online site is a crucial tool for reflecting your business image and capturing new potential customers and business relationships. Your website must have the ability to engage visitors and entice them to take specific actions. Before any web development starts, Vegga Consulting implements extensive market research for competition, keyword analysis and maximum conversion.

Every page of your business website is optimized with targeted keywords, implementing the ultimate on-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques for targeted online visibility. Vegga consulting approaches every web development and design process with the goal of converting visitors into customers.

Customized for your Business Needs

Vegga Consulting offers a variety of custom design services, everything from basic web design to full website development and programing. Our website configuration and implementation includes optional setup of a custom tailored eCommerce shopping cart, listings database and other functional components, as well as any custom programing or integration functions that are specified for the website.

We provide a “Preview Site” that allows our clients to directly view the progress of their site during the development phase, using any internet browser.

The Web Development and Design Effectiveness Test

To determine the effectiveness of your web development and design, try the following simple test. Put yourself in the shoes of your potential customer and search Google for products or services that you (or your competitors) provide. Try a search using a keyword phrase that you would most likely use to look for these products or services, and then ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is our website listed on the first page, or better yet, in the top 5 search results? If not, your potential customers are not visiting your web site. The vast majority of online searches never get to the second page of the search results and typically only click on the top 5. Our website designs use proven SEO techniques to provide a foundation for getting your web site to the top.
  2. When your customers land on your website, what will their impression be? Is your web site visually appealing and professional looking? Does it provide the information that the customer is looking for? Take a look at two or three competitor sites from your Google search. If you were a customer, would you pick these companies or your company to do business with? One chance is all you are likely to get to capture your customer’s attention.
  3. Is your website an effective, trustworthy and reliable tool for your customers to find, review and take action? To effectively convert your online objectives, your website must project a clear, information rich  experience for your visitors and provide a simple, secure and effective navigation flow that results in conversion.

If you are interested in achieving all these results for your website, we can get you there. Vegga Consulting will provide a full life-cycle, turnkey website design, custom market development, maintenance services and support for your online business success.