Complete Online Business Marketing Solution

Comprehensive Internet Marketing Plan Development

You can’t expect success online without a well-crafted internet marketing plan. Vegga Consulting understands that every business is different and requires a custom detailed mapping to insure online success. We take into consideration every aspect of your business and competition, as well as your potential clientele and how to reach them effectively.

Custom Web Design and Optimization

Whether you need a new website or a remake of your existing site, Vegga Consulting has the expert web design and development team. We implement cutting edge technology and best practices for both conversion and on page optimization that search engines love. Your website will be built for performance to best represent your industry. Our dedicated team of specialized design and SEO experts are guaranteed to get it right.

Professionally Written Engaging Marketing Copy

A great looking website must also deliver a powerful marketing message that engages the visitor and gets them to act. Your marketing copy on each page must be optimized to turn people who visit your website into customer inquiries, phone calls, and sales. In other words, it must entice them to take action.

Search Engine Optimization: Guaranteed Top Search Ranking

complete internet marketing solutionGetting top ranked on Google along with other search engines is like having a money tree in your backyard. Top ranked sites get more traffic, have more credibility in the eyes of a visitor searching, and help you stay ahead of your competition. We’ll use our search engine optimization expertise to identify the most profitable keywords and phrases to get you top ranked with.  Based on our experience and track-record, we’re comfortable telling our clients that we can guarantee this positioning.

Social Media and Video Marketing

We’ll create search optimized pages on all social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and many others. Every time a new page or post is added to you site, it will be syndicated on all your social media pages.

Wall posts for your company will drive people to your website as well as generate leads, phone calls and inquiries. We’ll also optimize and manage any videos produced by you or us on YouTube and other popular video sites.

You can visit our Search Engine Marketing page for a complete list of all our services.